Michel Kabamba is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher who is well experienced in his expertise. Michel has a passion to share his love for dance through the art of performing, teaching and music engineering.

Michel has experienced the dance industry at an extremely high level and continues to do so after 20+ years in the industry. He has benefitted from extensive travels and professional engagement through the helps of his co-owned entertainment business, MnB Entertainment. This has seen him collaborate with diverse members of the entertainment world and achieve a great amount of respect for his works.

Michel is also well equipped in the art of performing and creatively directing these performances. He has been living on the stage for over 20 years, experiencing huge stages domestic and international.

However, as well as preforming Michel creatively co-directs most of the performances he is involved in directing in ways such as choreography, crew formations, visual arts, music and sound.



  • Australian Champion for ‘Planet Dance’ 1996
  • Winner of traditional dance in the world 1996
  • Runner up in the world for Hip Hop 1996
  • Professional dancer, performer and teacher for 20+ years.
  • Choreographing for 20+years
  • Teaching for 20+ years
  • Music engineering
  • Professional leadership skills
  • Creatively minded
  • Coaching and instructing




  • Choreographer and back up dancer for Vita Adam’s up coming music video
  • Teaching and leading at Flight Centre’s team bonding workshops
  • Conducting, leading and teaching workshops in rural communities around Australia
  • Conducting, leading and teaching workshops with over 200 students


  • Trained in Millennium Dance Complex studio
  • Leading dance instructor at race to survive 2015
  • Dj at Race to survive fundraiser 2015
  • Leading MnB Entertainment outreaches and dance workshops in south central LA
  • Performed and choreographed for Easterfest main stage 2010-2015.


  • Performed and choreographed for the G20 Celebrations
  • Performed and choreographed at Easterfest main stage back up dancer for Bec Laughton.


  • Toured Solomon Islands, featured dancer, choreographer and inductor to help children at risk on various community outreach projects, workshops and performances
  • Toured Mexico, partnering with YWAM performing for the community and teaching orphanages and detention facilities through dance.
  • Performed and auditioned in Australia’s Got Talent (MnB Entertainment) collaborating with Jc Action sports
  • Choreographed and featured Tedds commercial, Arontts biscuits.



Co-director and founder of MnB Entertainment.

MnB Entertainment

1992 – current

  • Traveled and worked with Australia’s Warner Brothers Movie World, for the Wild Wild West Movie promotion in Taiwan as Will Smith (acting & dancing). 2 years
  • Toured Malaysia for dance showcasing. 6 Months
  • Performed with Australia RAQ Fashion Design Award. 2 years
  • Performed with Rockhampton Showgrounds annually events exhibition. 5 years
  • Extensive gigs in modeling and catwalk
  • Traveled Queensland under the Queensland art council
  • Leading dance instructor at race to survive 2015, to improve the lives of disadvantaged Australians
  • Mentoring students in dance and performing
  • Organising, leading, teaching and structuring workshops of 200 kids
  • Teaching internationally in places such as New Zealand, Mexico, Los Angeles, Solomon Island and China.
  • Teaching in Primary schools all around Queensland
  • Teaching in High schools all around Queensland
  • Conducting large workshops
  • Advertising and promotions


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