Who we are

We are Educators, Facilitators, Mentors and Coordinators.

Over 20 years together, husband and wife founded and established this family-run entertainment business, known as MnB Entertainment.

This business practices dance in many art forms

  • Creative performances
  • Music and Sound Technician
  • Teaching ad mentoring – children, young adults, Teachers and other businesses who are looking for personal development.
  • Corporate gigs.

MnB are an exciting troupe of innovative, inspiring and diverse artists who are well known to be one of the best in the dance industry and widely referred to as the most respected crew in the business.

 Michel and Bessy’s experience in dance performance and teaching skills have enabled them to take their company and mission across the world.

They have worked in and partnered with

  • Detention facilities – Mexico, Los Angeles, New Zealand and Australia
  • prisons
  • orphanges – YWAM
  • public and private schools – local and international
  • QPASTT – Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of torture and trauma.


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